Thursday, August 28, 2014

Along The Shore

The ride to Rendition from Gramata was somewhat uneventful until we passed the Widows' Walk at Sacrimony Bay.  Unlike those in coastal New England, this widow's walk stretches along the shoreline. Benches accommodate those whose mates have become just that.

Tradition at Sacrimony Bay restricts vessels to the wharf until captains and owners can man or woman them with the required hands. Then and only then are they allowed to pass Gate House Point and ply the open waters of The Torrington. Given the dearth of talent ashore and the myriad treasures lying below the surface of The Torrington, kidnapping has become an acceptable means of fleshing out (so to speak) a crew.  (Excerpted from Travels With My Aunt)

Friday, August 08, 2014

Reader beware....

Ceremonial Placard, Gramata Highlands 791

Dizzy with wonder, we left Annular and headed to Gramata. Formerly a hive of diurnal information gathering and storage, this region's future remains uncertain as fewer residents are able to find and maintain gainful employment in its major (only) industry. Once bursting with activity, facilities now wither. The introduction of innovative technologies has left areas traditionally set aside for collecting and storage, bereft. Some, converted to monthly rentals with climate control, hold collections of other antiquities e.g. furniture, lamps, paintings and sculptures, carpets, toy trains, and Lily Pulitzer fashions. Until the flora re-establishes itself, those facilities remaining will continue to house motes, although temperatures and humidity should remain constant. We plan to return to Gramata in a few years to assess the change. (Excerpted from Travels With My Aunt)