Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Another day

Gorgeous morning. Temperature has dropped twenty degrees. The humidity level is bearable and all of the dogs seem content.
The sun has breeched the horizon and billowing clouds out over the Atlantic are less ominous. Offshore winds drive them away.

Fresh coffee and a behemoth of a yacht, a helicopter secure on the stern landing pad, cruises offshore. Succulent seems appropriate for such a morning. The day will get busier. The drone of compressors cooling the freezers will mix with the racket of boats plying the harbor. Screeching tires will pierce the air. Maybe an ear-battering jack hammer will tear up another street. But for now it's just the chirping of songbirds. That's enough.


Blogger Tom Saunders said...

I'm right there, Ed.

6:16 AM


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