Sunday, November 05, 2006

Summer's passed

watercolor, 22" x 30", Vermont.

Sorry to see the warm weather leave but autumn is beautiful.

from Limping Frogs
The lower farm on the south side of the road represented the bulk of the acreage.  A sugaring shack, ensconced in a stand of maples, belched steam in March when Will boiled down the sap to a rich, amber syrup for pancakes.  An oak lot heated his house through the winter months and several of the trees now stood as a desk and bookcases in the den.  The cedars that topped the rise near the stream supplied fence posts; some were milled for sale as siding and decking.  Tessellated with verdant pastures and feed fields, the balance of the land fed the productive herd, once renowned for their sweet, delicious milk.


Blogger Askinstoo said...

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11:52 AM

Blogger Tom Saunders said...

Beautiful, Ed.

3:17 AM

Blogger edt said...

Thanks, Tom.

11:26 AM


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