Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A Conference of.....

Untitled 2012, Ed Touchette, 9 x 12 walnut ink, acrylic/ 140lb. CP

West of Carol, we stopped for the night. A large crowd attracted our attention and we followed them to the village common where noted novelists, a journalist, a teleprompter personality,  a physicist, and sports fans had gathered to debate the beginnings of the universe prior to the invention of gods and/ or other religious bents. They'd agreed to senate rules; anyone leaving prior to the end of the discussion, and this included bathroom breaks before, during, and after filibusters and other oratorical devices, risked disqualification for reasons understood only by two of the novelists, the physicist, and one of the sports fans. Nonetheless, all of the panelists agreed to this and all other rules: the exclusion of references to foreign nationals; present and past presidents and their immediate advisors; and allusions to space time.
(excerpted from Travels With My Aunt)


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