Wednesday, September 03, 2014

September 4

Near North Bay off the coast of Percy, high ground across the waters affords an unobstructed view of a section of the distant Doraldo mountain range aptly named The Split. In deference to ancestral wont, crowds will gather here seventeen days prior to the Autumnal Solstice to watch the sun rise along the vertical axis of The Split. Early tribes celebrated this event  by indulging those appetites that some 273 days hence issued a miraculous increase in the tribe's numbers. Understandably, the celebration of summer's arrival grew raucous with effusive congratulatory rants.

Feeling the need to stem uncontrolled growth, forefathers and mothers instituted blue laws. Attendees at contemporary Autumnal Solstice celebrations can only satisfy a hankering for gin martinis and fried okra. (Excerpted from Travels With My Aunt)


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