Thursday, December 25, 2014

Enjoy the quiet times.

During the solstice we visited el Conundra, a region beset with a variety of puzzling happenings.  Most residents explain these dilemma, citing a coincidence of planetary alignments or the regenerative powers of cellular matter impacted by electromagnetic currents. Other groups use complex mathematical calculations to promote their efforts to comprehend. Some carry balls of twine and construct random webs of string to guide others toward the ultimate conclusion.

Nonetheless a few stalwarts hold firmly to the belief that an extraordinary form guides daily activities. These folks worship trees, rocks, any and all forms of matter, animate or inert, that appear to have erupted from the surface. Each year at the solstice they gather at the learning tree and demand a short encounter with peace and quiet. Most, but for the most severe cases of mental incapcitativity, abide. It is a quiet time. Enjoy. (Excerpted from Travels With My Aunt.)


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