Sunday, March 01, 2015

Circular Logic

We arrived at Best Wheaton only two days after leaving St. Ellens. Normal transit time is 72 hours but we hurried to take advantage of the newing of the seasons, a time during which colorful changes occur. With the onset of warmth, villagers burn detritus and recyclable papers as well as the balance of fossil fuel stocks—offerings of thanks to loftier beings. People in the valley have long subscribed to the belief that surviving the ravages of colder times is directly related to spirited worship of myriad deities. 

The image above, captured on a smart phone, reflects a vivid horizon that endured for three days— dawn to dusk. Similar displays have been known to last for months. Residents consider these as worthy as those prompted by solar flares. Committees are now seeking public relations and marketing expertise to assist with their efforts to generate additional income with which to purchase next season's fuel supply. (Excerpted from Travels With My Aunt)


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